Scott takes what non-techies would consider complex concepts, and make them very easy for others to understand, get comfortable with, and adopt as standard practices.
— Jason Miller, LinkedIn
Scott keeps his finger on the pulse on a wide array of subjects; his input has definitely put a fire under a lot of companies to act on tech trends sooner than later.
— Larry Weintraub, The Marketing Arm
Scott has been a massive proponent of Social Visual over the years, and has pushed for the entertainment industry to comfortably adopt new technologies without having to take a lot of risk.
— Tony Riggins, Twitch
Scott has been an invaluable resource providing insights and tactics to connect with savvy entertainment influencers. Over the years, I have worked with Scott to develop diverse promotions ranging from Aqua Teen Hunger Force to Transformers Prime and My Little Pony.
— Greg Heanue, The Hub